"Life is about not knowing, having to change, taking the moment and making the best of it without knowing what's going to happen next."

What Men And Women Love To Hear

what men and women love to hear
Words are powerful. Be generous with these phrases that men and women never get tired of hearing.

What Men Love To Hear
“Good idea.”
What he thinks: “She thinks I’m brilliant!”

“I trust you.”
What he thinks: “She thinks I’m competent!”

“You’re brilliant.”
What he thinks: “She thinks I’m Einstein personified!”

“I love the way your mind works.”
What he thinks. “ She’s recognizing the genius in me!”

“That makes sense.”
What he thinks: “She thinks I’m intelligent!”

“Thank you.”
What he thinks: “Wow, she appreciates what I do for her.”

“I appreciate how you____.”
What he thinks: “Man, she values the way I do things. She thinks I’m amazing.”

“Kiss me.” (Caution: only do this if you’ve already kissed.)
He thinks: “Man she wants me. I’m hot stuff.”
Men tend to blow up what you say, so don’t use too many exaggerated compliments or they may think you’re not being sincere.

What Women Love To Hear
“Man, do I love you.”
What she thinks: “He loves me!”

“You take my breath away.”
What she thinks: “Aww, I have that effect on him?”

“Damn, your’e beautiful.”
What she thinks: “He thinks I look nice.”

“I am sooo sorry baby. What was I thinking?”
What she thinks: “Oh, he is sooo forgiven!”

“You are too adorable.”
What she thinks: “Yay, he thinks I’m cute.”

“I understand.”
What she thinks: “Wow, he really listens to me.”

“I can’t stop looking at you.”
What she thinks: “Aww, he’s smitten (but for how long?)”

“Sweetie, what’s on your mind?”
What she thinks: “ I have the best boyfriend ever. He actually cares about my thoughts.”
Women are opposite from men. While a man blows up what a woman says or takes it at face value, a woman tends to downplay what a man says. A woman is more likely to question the sincerity of a statement.
What are you waiting for? Soothe your man/woman with these words☺

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