"Life is about not knowing, having to change, taking the moment and making the best of it without knowing what's going to happen next."

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Letter to Fay

July 21st' 2007

Hi Hony

I want to thank you for everything you've been for me--the encouragement, faith, support, and love. Though at times I forget about it, you have been all these important things and more.

No matter what we go through in life, and what sort of nonsense comes out of my mouth, I want you to know that I love you. I hope that I can be a better person for you, and that my fears and apprehensions, though many, will not get in the way of my love for you.

I do not want to have a conventional relationship of two people constantly struggling to live up to other's and each other's expectations, and losing the romance and affection through the struggle, as what seems to happen to many if not most.

I would rather live a life different from other's, taking a route through the unusual--not living as other's would expect--and so maintaining the beauty and purity of us--not making the regrettable mistake of losing all that makes a relationship valuable and meaningful.

I think I would need help to make a mindset change, but I know that it would be a change worth it. Where there's a will there's a way. Despite my rotten attitudes and hurtful words, I would like for these words to have precedence over them at all times: "I love you!"

Your Sweetie


Life continues, doesn't it. The reboot came upon us and the dust is settling. We experienced a few tears, came dangerously close to making some pretty wrong decisions, but didn't, thankfully. And we're back on the road. Though I have to admit that I haven't been feeling so bloggy recently, like I just haven't been feeling in the mood to write or post anything.
I guess it's because different things have been happening and we've been faced with some big practical decisions. Really, it's difficult to know what to do sometimes, and the longer it takes to make a decision on something, the harder it becomes to finally make the right one. It's so cliche but it's so true. It's how it is most of the time, no.
Anyway, hang in there, and try not to make any rash decisions in this unstable time. Try to wait until the dust settles before deciding something big, if you can help it. Right now's not really the best time to jump into things, unless of course it's the way you've been feeling for a long time.
Gosh, it's really been hard hasn't it? It's been a real struggle for me; a real groggy mental struggle. And the worst part about it is that the people I love around me have to put up with it. Hopefully the dust will settle soon and I'll be able to hold my high horses until it does.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Night Life

June 20
For Fay's birthday I got together some folks to go out clubbing. The 7 of us had a great time celebrating an all-nighter. This is sort of a one-timer. 
We hung out at a bar until 3:30 and was surprised to find that they charged us a table fee. We almost refused to pay. Then we clubbed until the morning traffic was seen. Gladly we stayed sane.
Don't get worried for us now. We had a few drinks, but we were sure to stay on top of things. Everything went fine. No one got hurt; or did anything they regretted, and everyone was all hugs and smiles at the end and was like, "let's do it again." It was cool!
And the best thing was, I got to do something with my lil' sis' that she enjoys doing. I love her to bits, but I know that I haven't been the brother I should have been. I'm happy that she's together with David and that they're happy. Sure they have their squabbles, but who doesn't. I love them both, and just wish that things work out well for them.

Sightseeing in Kyoto

June 17' 2010
I've always wanted to tour Kyoto, to take in the sights and sounds; to be among the several hundred million people who come from all over the world to see it. Kyoto is one of those cities that first-time tourists to Japan are told they cannot afford to miss.
My friend and I got a ¥500 bus-pass, visited various famous temples and shrines, and even a hiking trail for some adventure. After which we went to see the renowned geisha street, went to a local hotspring (because it was known to receive yakuza visitors and he wanted to see their tattoo's), and ended our day with a potent glass of Dutch ice coffee.

June 16
Mercy is my childhood friend. One week younger than me, people used to call her my twin sister. Now, we've sorta become independent of each other's friendship; both have our own lives, hardly in touch. Finally after decades she comes to visit, and we had a pleasant time at Mac.
Why does an eat-out need to always resort to Mac? 'Cause it's so **** cheap. ehem, forgive me for the language. But it's true, it is cheap, and for those who like it and didn't get completely turned off by the anti-Mac documentary, it tastes good.
I know 20 years into the future from now I won't be saying this, but that's how I feel right now.


Train Museum

June 15