"Life is about not knowing, having to change, taking the moment and making the best of it without knowing what's going to happen next."

2 Kinds of People in a Relationship

I honestly believe all people, when in a relationship, can be put into one of these two categories:
   1. There’s the kind of person who is satisfied for the most part, but can err on the side of being too complacent because of contentment.

   2. There’s the kind of person who is always working to keep things fresh, but has a proclivity to be dissatisfied.

Are you number 1 or 2?

The Solution for Number 1
   If you’re number one, understand that even if you are content and satisfied, everything in this world is in flux, including your relationship. Nothing in this world and in our relationships stay the same. You can be satisfied but still aware that your relationship is like a plant. It needs maintenance and care. It needs sunlight and nourishment. It can look strong and resilient one day, but without routine watering, it can die just out of neglect. When you feel content, it’s easy to assumethat your feelings of contentment are mirrored in your partner.

The Solution for Number 2
   If you’re number two, take a minute to stop doing and relax. Watch your partner when they sleep. Think about all the things you love about them. Kiss them all over their face. Take note of every little thing or every big thing your partner does that makes your life easier, more convenient, or less stressful. Anything. Think about all the things you find attractive about them. When you’re constantly doing things proactively to keep your relationship fresh, it’s easy to overlook how your partner is loving you. Your acts of love are obvious and maybe grandiose, but that doesn’t mean that your partner isn’t loving you in their own way or at least trying to show you love. Learn this:

   Happiness is not about getting what you want; it’s about wanting what you have. Doing more does not always lead to more satisfaction. Satisfaction comes from noticing things, appreciating things for how they are, and living in the moment.
   Why? Because there’s always that next thing that you feel is going to be the ticket to your joy, when in reality, once you get it, you will be yet again looking for the next thing. And the next. Your addiction is in longing. People who are addicted to the longing can’t enjoy the moment. They hang onto past loves, or what if’s, because the possibility of something is somehow more satisfying than the realityof it. You’re the kind of person who accomplishes goals and doesn’t take a moment to savor it because you’re onto the next goal. Break this cycle by first understanding you are going through it.

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