"Life is about not knowing, having to change, taking the moment and making the best of it without knowing what's going to happen next."

Monday, November 28, 2011

Kenji's Birthday Party

Oh, it all went so well. Kenji requested that all the attendee's dress up like a ninja or some sort of warrior. And so during the few days that led up to it, I looked into the origami shuriken and a few ninja masks. I instituted the colorful decoration and the birthday banner--yeah, that took time. 
Meanwhile, Fay was busy doing her magic--the whole McDonalds deal: hamburgers, shaka-shaka chicken, french fries, soft-drinks. It was good!
Calvin and I were the McDonald's front staff. Each kid would hand us 100 yen and they would proceed with writing down their orders. Once decided, the order papers would go to the kitchen, and they would get whatever they ordered. 


Yep, we're at Kappa again, munching on those sushi's. We just thought that it'd be special somewhat to grab a bite to eat somewhere outside of home to acknowledge Fay's 1st job. 

Kenji's Happyokai & Wood work

Kenji's Happyokai 
A demonstration to remind all the mother's and father's that their children are still children--that they're still lovable and can still be cute even though thin and stretched out. 

Neighborhood mother's

A fun little local festival that happened on a Saturday

Some sort of Architectural Promo Festival
...Lot's of cutting, digging, sawing, hammering--everything thinkable that could be done to wood. Perfect for kids. 

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Christmas and Mommy's 2nd day of work

It's been nearly a year since Fay and I moved out on our own--since I've been working roughly 50 hours a week, since you boys have been going to school. A whole year. That's a long time. 

There's Christmas decorations up already--a month and a half before the special day--although the majority of Japanese don't know jack about the real meaning of Christmas. 

Mommy had her 2nd day of work today. We went with her, ate pizza and hot dogs, and took the train back. At the station we took a few Christmas shots.
You boys might have a few quarrels with each other--little boy antics; not surprising, but enough to make you not want to be with each other sometimes--but there are moments that are so unforgettable, moments that remind me that you truly do love and need each other. I captured one of those moments here.