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Friday, January 28, 2011

November 15--Kenji's Birthday!!!

Let's just say that my good excuse for being late to post this was our move into Chiba. 

We had it in downtown Namba, Osaka--as city as it gets. We went to a Thai All-You-Can-Eat Restaurant. My parents showed up, and my brothers and sisters and their girlfriends and friends--it amounted to nearly 20 people

Kenji wanted Daiki to have a go at throwing the Shurikens

John and Love and some of their kids came too. 

Mommy made a Tank Pinata for Kenji--order-made, and we invited our neighbors to join us out on the streets to tear it up

That's the awesome cake mommy made

And you would wonder why my mom is on the phone

Btw, I did the decorations

Monday, January 17, 2011

Christmas of 2010

December 26th' 2010
Christmas with the Yamashita's
There are a lot more fun pics of time spent, but I need to filter the photo's real well lest I get negative feedback. 

December 27th' 2010
Christmas at Noda Home

Our Kitchen, Dining, and Living rooms. Check it out!

Dining room


Living room