"Life is about not knowing, having to change, taking the moment and making the best of it without knowing what's going to happen next."

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Golden Week Aftershock

I'm exhausted after Golden Week and here's my rant...

There are moments that I wonder what it's all for. I wake up Monday morning with the Monday blues, I tumble through the morning, and by the afternoon I manage to get my bearings. I'm feeling pretty good on Monday night. Friday comes around like a flash, and I realize that I should probably let my hair down. 
The stress of the week is apparent in my wife and kids, so the first day of the weekend is a struggle to help each other kick back a little. On successful first day's everyone's relaxed by the evening. But not always. 
Monday rolls around again, and another scratchy morning, but then Friday comes back and the drama at work fades into oblivion almost as if automatically not a part of my memory. The weekend again, and then Monday. Friday again, and then the weekend. 
Once in a while it'll dawn on me that this routine is killing my spirit. I get reminded of the spunky little dare-devil I once was, and I miss it. So a determined part of me squeezes a chunk of days off of work to do a few things out of the ordinary. Yet even that is exhausting. I make the same mistake every time, and I fail to remind myself that my responsibilities at work and home don't change, and taking a substantial amount of time off of work just means less time to do what I need to do. 

They'll all grow up one day, and I don't wanna regret not being there to watch them grow. So however exhausting it is to be in the midst of their craziness, I will. 

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